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Sarah Branigan
20 February
Dark City
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My name is Sarah Branigan. I live at Shell Beach with Dr. Daniel Schreber and our pets Clio and Orwell, respectively. My city was the result of an experiment conducted by aliens who wanted to find the human soul. I'm trying to learn what to do with myself now that the experiment is over.

I am the school nurse and Mistress of Health Education at The Prince Institute for Multiversal Education. Please contact me on my journal at any time with any questions.

I love baking for other people. Any requests?

((Sarah Branigan is an original character created for dark__city, an RP community based upon the movie Dark City. If you haven't seen the movie, go check it out!

((RP Note: Sometimes I use a text-based method of RPing which doesn't give me access to my icons. If you see me using my default icon a million times in a row, that's why!))